Notes from SOTAICON Keynote Panel Oct 11 2019

4 years ago

Recap of the last year’s work

  • Phase 2 of fishing

  • Change water type in player owned towns

  • New weapon type

  • Player dungeons and encounters

  • Deco scaling/flipping

  • 20 new skills/spells

  • Leader board

  • Combining of artifacts

  • Back slot item have stats and masterworking

  • Crafting masterworks

  • GM enchantment/masterworks

  • New creatures

  • High tier tame-ables

  • New seasonal bosses

  • Upgrade lots with crowns

  • Lowered taxes

  • Free and village deed from quests

  • New user experience improvements

  • Universal/trade chat

  • Removed experience decay on death

  • Teleport to zone scrolls

  • Message of the day for guilds and player owned towns

  • Removed free account restrictions

  • Added fishing expedition

  • Rework of Ulfheim

  • Deep Ravenswood updates

  • New dungeons

Goals for this quarter

  • Player controlled NPC quest givers

  • Phase 1 of LUA support for so the community can eventually have more user interface control

    • This phase will be read-only data and no graphics

  • Over world for episode 2

    • Player Town owners will be able to select their location

    • No adventure scenes

    • No or very little player housing in NPC towns

Goals for 2020

  • Episode 2

  • Revamp quest/task system

  • Item leveling/history

  • More control of pet’s combat

  • Expand Doors/Chests “permissions” to allow for quests

    • e.g. can be opened only if you have a given item in inventory

  • Treasure maps

  • Achievement system with titles

  • Vendor improvements

  • Expand trophy system creature heads, etc

  • Property rating system

  • More tamable creature

  • More bosses

  • Expand Leaderboard

  • More creatures in dungeons

  • More tools for player run events

Questions (paraphrased)

  • Will the new tamable pet combat system negatively affect summoned pets?

    • Chris: summoned pets will also be getting some love

  • General comments on wands not being as powerful as they should be

    • Chris: Improvements to wands are in the plan

  • Will there be cannibalism in episode 2?

    • Chris and Starr didn’t really answer

  • Will there be sailing in episode 2?

    • Chris: They want to get sailing in

  • If sailing makes it into episode 2, will the existing boats (on lots) work?

    • Chris: Many technical challenges. So, no promises.

  • Are lots in episode 2 lands restricted to those that have paid for episode 2?

    • Chris: That is the desire. But, will have to monitor usage and adjust as needed.

  • When will gold and silver scraps be in?

    • Starr: Ask in the crafting panel

    • Chris: Have to be careful of unintended side affects

  • Will vegetables be removed from NPCs so farmers have a reason to grow them?

    • Chris: Yes

  • Can the high-end craft ingredients sold be NPCs (black pearl) get a largerstack size when buying?

    • Chris: Yes.

  • When will the creature AIs get an update?

    • Chris: It’s on the list. Have figure out when to introduce the change without upsetting a ton of people. Maybe just in the episode 2 lands.

Notable comments

  • Starr: They stopped doing public quarterly plans so the team could be more flexible with tasks scheduling

  • Chris: Episode 2’s new skill will only be taught by trainers in the new lands and the goal is to have 2 new skills per tree

  • Chris: The new lands be a island about 1/4 the size of Novia

  • Chris: We want to reduce the number of clicks to do common tasks such as buying from vendors

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