Novia Market Fishing Contest for R100

To celebrate our 100th release Novia Market is holding a freshwater fishing contest!

Each entrant can enter their five longest fish and the winners will be the top 10 entrants with the longest total length combined! (caught in Novia Market during release 100 only)

*Prizes for the 5 longest fish*

  • 1st – 250,000 gold

  • 2nd – 200,000 gold

  • 3rd – 150,000 gold

  • 4th – 100,000 gold

  • 5th – 50,000 gold

  • 6-10 – 25,000 gold

*There may be trophies as well – I’ll update when I have the details*

There will also be prizes that will be awarded at random to players that submit 5 trophy fish for the contest. 1st-10th place winners will also be eligible to win these prizes!

*Randomly awarded prizes*

  • 1000 cotos

  • 750 cotos

  • 500 cotos

  • 250 cotos

  • Bait package (Details soon)

  • Crafting session for one custom crafted item. (Winner chooses item type, materials and up to 3 successful enchants + 3 successful masterworks)

*These random prizes will be awarded at the reward ceremony in release 101, attendance will not be required to win. All players that submit 5 trophy fish for the NoMa fishing contest will be eligible*

To enter, contact Adam Crow by mail in game or a direct message on these forums – send me your exact player name. I will set up a personal drop box in Novia Market for each entrant and they will be able to add/remove their fish during the contest. Each entrant will be responsible for leaving the 5 longest fish in their container at the end of release 100. I will go through each container and tally up the results once release 101 is live. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please post them here! (All fish will be retrieveable from your drop box after the contest is complete.)