Patch Build Number 1437

Build Number 1437 – September 1st, 10:00AM


  • Dozens of errors were addressed that were causing some lag and hitching problems

  • The Gothic Footstool, Gothic Heavy Study Chair, Gothic Wooden Chair, and Gothic Bench no longer accept dyes since these items were not designed to be dyeable.

  • Anthem of Alacrity can no longer be cast on the overworld.

  • The Aether Infusion crafting component is no longer inappropriately available at cooking merchants.

  • All 6 varieties of Obsidian Potions of Transformation can now be dismissed by the player by right-clicking the buff icon in your active buff bar and selecting the “Dismiss” option

  • The looted “Small Knife” is now called “White-Handled Knife” and can be salvaged at a blacksmithing station. The other Small Knife which is crafted as well as 2 other knives crafted in that set had missing icons, which has been fixed.

  • Updated tooltip descriptions and store restrictions for Potions of Green Growth, Potions of Growth, Potions of Diminutive Statre, Potion of Upward Acceleration to indicate the effects provided by these potions do not persist through scene changes.

  • Restoration Potions now feature a 6 stack limit for the Elixir Receptiveness debuff as was already present on Focus and Health potions. Also, Restoration Potions can no longer be imbibed if your overall Elixir Receptiveness is at or below 0% with all buff and debuff sources for that stat considered.

  • Stone Fist’s spell description now indicates specialized earth magic users also receive a lock time reduction for the skill.

  • Spinning Attack now propery applies a Damage Avoidance debuff when the bleed effect is applied for specialized polearm users.

  • Savrenoc Stronghold: Fixed an issue where some stairs had their collision displaced.

  • Creatures will now only play the flinch animation if they take at least 1% of their health in a hit. Larger creatures being attacked by groups were spending 100% of their time playing the flinch response despite barely being injured.

  • South Celestial Wetlands : Corrected the scale of oversized resource nodes.

  • Virtue Recalibration Kit: Added a journal entry for those who acquire one of these kits, that explains their usage.

  • The Outlaws’ Run: Fixed an issue where some patrollers required a special navigation component.

  • Fix for toolkit in a bag causing error when repairing with right click

  • The Tame Health Level Modifier stats on the Legendary and Epic versions of the Belt of Control have been fixed and are no longer reversed between the 2 tiers.

  • The Outlaws’ Run: Fixed a typo in some NPC responses.

  • The Outlaws’ Run: Removed loot from pre-destroyed crates.

  • The Outlaws’ Run: Fixed stuck spots.

  • The Outlaws’ Run: Added many piles of leaves and gave each butterflies/fireflies.Slight adjustment of some creature spawns.

  • The Outlaws’ Run: Outlaws have a variety of descriptive names. Some foliage has been removed/adjusted.

  • Jotungrund: After finishing the first signal fire task, players should now receive a special recipe reward from Hisa. Players who have already finished that task will receive the same recipe the next time they complete one of the daily signal fire tasks.

  • The Virtue Recalibration Token is no longer flagged as a quest item so it can be traded and stored in containers.