Patch Day! Release 99!

That’s right, it’s release day! Check out all the notes:

Greetings Fellow Avatars!

Welcome to Release 99! As many of you might have noticed, next release is a huge milestone for us. Release 100! Due partially to us wanting to make Release 100 extra special and the short month, Release 99 is largely polish and just a handful of new features! The headliners items for this release are some much-needed quest journal improvements and the final entries into the big cats family along with unique ROAR effects for all tamed big cats! The new town of Grusk was very close to making it for this release as Sannio has been working hard on fleshing out the NPCs and expanding the quests in the scene but we decided to save it for next month’s exciting celebration release!

Release 99 Patch Notes!

Below is a list of game changes and new content that are live as of Release 99 (R99).

  • New Journal UI

  • Mounted Young Fish – added mounted decorations and recipes for all young fish types

  • Fixed Leather Backpack deco floating issues SOTA-69784

  • Fixed issue with Lion Cub Pet missing Dismiss option SOTA-70050

  • Fixed typo in Stone Dungeon Room Spawned (Random Encounter 2) blueprint

  • Fixed issue with tamed crocodile names not displaying correctly SOTA-69582

  • The lion roar should now properly mesmerize nearby hostile opponents

  • The lioness should now grant nearby friendly players a life attunement buff

  • The tiger roar now grants nearby friendly pets a bonus to critical hit chance

  • Jaguars now have a unique roar that grants some limited magic resistance to those nearby

  • Black Panthers now have a unique roar that grants a modest dexterity bonus to those nearby

  • Snow Tigers now have a unique roar that reduces the fire resistance of enemies that hear it!

  • Sabertooth Tigers and Snow Leopards, wild and tamed.

  • Sabertooth Tigers have been spotted in the Normal, Hard, and Extreme difficulties of Lamech’s Bazaar and Desert Encounters in Novia, Hidden Vale, and Mistrendur! When tamed, their roar grants party members additional strength!

  • Snow Leopards have invaded the Obsidian Panopticon and Snowy Mountain Road Encounters and Snowy Tundra Encounters in Novia and Mistrendur! These fierce creatures have a roar that increases crit damage vs enemies that hear it

  • Splintering Strike has had its damage calculation changed to do slightly less base damage but factor in attunement to increase the overall damage

  • Glacial Glissades damage has been reduced slightly to be in line with other, similar skills

  • Aether amplifiers will no longer take up a deco slot to make it easier to place them for temporary events

  • R99 Reward: Set of Leprechaun Bowler Hats

  • R99 Reward: Set of Ancient Xenossian Urns

  • R99 Reward: Sparse Clover Paver Set

  • R99 Login Reward: Irish-Themed Wax Cylinders

  • Fix: Fixed lua function ShroudGetGameTime day and month which was giving 1 less than it should.

  • Fix: Fixed lua function ShroudSetInputText.

  • Added commas to the lists of locations given by town criers. SOTA-70084

  • Player can now use hotkeys for decks 13-48. SOTA-69855

  • Fix: Stripping URL bbcode from lua as this was not suppose to be allowed.

  • Added ShroudGetEquipments to lua function which work the same way as ShroudGetInventory

  • Loot that is rolled in party will now appear in “Recently Looted” sorting option.

  • Estgard: Updated the journal entry for “Convince Knight in Estgard” to help clarify what needs to be done. SOTA-69871

  • Ferig’s Battle Camp: Ean should now pay players some gold as instructed by Ferig, even after the avatar has finished the Courage path.

  • Highvale Outskirts: Fixed a typo in one of Esmeralda’s responses.

  • Necropolis Barrens: Updated the gates at Envy Angel’s home so that NPCs don’t simply walk through them. SOTA-70198

  • Solania Catacombs: Fixed a typo in the logic used by Whiteguard Helena’s responses to fix a build error.

  • Solania Catacombs: Updated the logic in Whiteguard Helena’s responses to help ensure the Ichor Witch’s Skull is removed after the completion of the quest.

  • Soltown: Updated some text and logic used in Jeanne’s responses to improve how players give her the silver necklace.

  • Corrected the display name for the Eternal Pattern: Feathered Leather Wizard’s Hat. SOTA-70203

  • Additive Loot Table update for spiders in the Player Dungeon Spider Room (Hard and Boss) to drop blueprints.

  • Display Name changes for player dungeon spider rooms are now more consistent.

  • Deco can now be placed in the Hilt Spider Room (Debris Deco) Player Dungeon Room SOTA-70202

  • Corrected Z fighting in the long connection hallway for the Spider Deco and Spider Pristine player dungeon rooms.

  • Eliminated warnings seen when loading into a dungeon with the Pristine or Debris Deco versions of the Player Dungeon Spider Rooms placed.

  • Moved all uncategorized dungeon recipe book entries into the smelting category. (Spider Totems will be in the correct category as of R99 patch1) SOTA-68339, SOTA-70220

  • Blueprints for the (Pristine Deco-able) Spider Player-Dungeon room and the Spawning Spider Player-Dungeon room will now drop in Hilt as expected. SOTA-70201

  • Added the following subscriber rewards to the store to appear on March 19th: Leprechaun Bowler Hat 2-Pack, Sparse Clover Pavers, Ancient Xenossian Urn 3-Pack. Added the Very Sparse Small Pavers to the store to appear on February 24th. Adjusted some icons for brightness. Added bowler hat patterns to proper classification.

  • Added GDOC_Occludee components to all 21 prefab variations of the gustballs so that when players have GPU Occlusion set to “on”, the gustballs do not mysteriously disappear at odd moments.

  • Five new wax cylinders are now available as loot in the Floating Barrel (Flotsam) which can be fished from the waters of the moat at Castle Atos.

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