Patch Notes (Build Number 1354 – Feb 28, 2021)

Build Number 1354 – February 28th, 5:00PM


  • Fix for a bug that allowed an exploit with the cowbell and as we all know… WE NEED MORE COWBELL!

  • Atonal’s Aria should now work as expected

  • Salt Cured Obsidian Pork renamed to Salt Cured Obsidian Boar to match the name of the recipe

  • Corrected DarkstarrFried Oysters to use 3 flood slots instead of 1

  • Loading Tips: Updated and replaced several loading tips.

  • A number of artifacts added to MW enchant list including Suutak’s Bluster, Vexlyn’s Spark, and Anapas Favor

  • Jaanaford: Players can now fish almost anywhere in Jaanaford’s waters without regard to the depth of the water.

  • Obsidian Bacon Recipe is no longer teachable. Salt Cured Obsidian Boar recipe has been added to cooking recipe merchants