Patch Notes – Build Number 1525

Release 100 — March 2022

Build Number 1525 – April 9th, 12:00AM

  • Fixed an issue that stopped the Bonesteel Crown, Scepter of Dread, Heart of Sorrows, and Shroud of the Avatar from automatically being deleted from an avatar’s inventory when a Quest Reset is used, blocking that character’s quest progression. These items are once again flagged as quest items and will be auto-deleted with a Quest Reset. Also, avatars with lingering artifacts now will have them cleared through NPC conversations just prior to their reacquiring them. SOTA-70344

  • Temporarily disabled big cat roars, pending skill fixes. SOTA-70345

  • Updated the recently added items crown store category. SOTA-70334

  • Castle Atos: Added a fletcher merchant at the training grounds and fishing merchants at the moat. SOTA-70337

  • Etecter: Added extra logic when completing Amanda’s quest to help ensure her task properly archives itself. SOTA-70335

  • Grusk: Fixed floating shrubbery, tabletop props, and a crate. Added some props near the dockmaster. SOTA-70340

  • Grusk: Moved several floating bushes to the ground. Moved a floating lamppost to the ground. Add “rumple” to some flat paths. SOTA-70347

  • North Celestial Wetlands: Adjusted collision that was blocking access of a letter on a broken wooden walkway. SOTA-70339

  • North Grunvald Barrens: Removed floating boulders from the sky. SOTA-70338

  • The Rise: Fixed the puzzle room for the stack buffs.

  • Fixing a null exception for the lua function ShroudGetBuffDescription.

  • Teleport scroll window height will now be saved when closing the window.

  • Added a way to /copy chat text by entering a number so you only copy the last few lines, e.g. /copy 3