Live Server Patch Notes

Patch Notes – Build Number 1529

2 years ago

Build Number 1529 – April 29th, 4:00PM

  • Changed Female Lion Mount to Lioness Mount. (Other mount store entry edits coming soon)
  • Updated the Recently Added Store Category to reflect R100 and R101. SOTA-70440
  • Fix for NPC merchants not having tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where Linux and Mac players would not see the correct output from /time command. SOTA-70439
  • Fixed Lua manager title typo and the window will now close when escape is pressed.
  • Fix for Lua manager not reloading some scripts on scene change.
  • Brightbone Pass: Moved a floating rock near one of the exit archways to the ground. SOTA-70438
  • Shaminian Hills: Added a “Reset Platform” button near a crystal receiver that sometimes is out-of-sync, to force it back in sync when you have a crystal that operates the platform. SOTA-70435
  • Soltown: Fixed a typo in one of Jeanne’s “hello” responses. SOTA-70434
  • POT Rampage Island: Upgraded to Crossroads Village from Holdfast. SOTA-70441


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