Patch Notes – Build Number 1530 & 1531

2 years ago

Build Number 1530 – May 2nd, 3:00PM

  • Fix for Lua manager on/off getting broke with multiple scripts
  • Stripped “Double-click to consume” from consumable items linked to chat and removed empty space at the end of some tooltips.
  • Blackblade Foothills: Flattened several terrain “spikes.” SOTA-70443
  • Grusk: Modified a pipe that was too short. Blocked a world object that was sticking through a ceiling. SOTA-70442
  • Hilt Fortress: Fixed a hallway that had an invisible object blocking passage. SOTA-70445
  • Wynton’s Folly: Flattened several terrain “spikes.” SOTA-70444
  • POT Regnum: Fixed an issue to make this POT a valid teleport scroll destination.

Build Number 1531 – May 3rd, 2:00AM

  • Crypt of the Avatar: Fixed issues including replacing a missing section of hallway, correcting hallway materials, and removing mysterious black effect throughout the scene. SOTA-70461
  • Adjusting names for Snow Leopard, Panther, and Jaguar mounts to remove “female” from the name in the store. The mounts have no gender displayed to the player in game. SOTA-70447


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