Patch Notes for Feb 17, 2020

4 years ago

Build Number 1121(199967)- Feb 17 4:00AM


  • Fix for collision issues in Blood River Forest Pit traps.

  • Mistrendur AKA Ep2 continent now in build but only reachable through GM teleport/summon

  • Fire attunement loss now working properly for Magic Warding

  • Extra dialog for all Kobolds in the Caverns of Skrekk

  • Owl’s Head: Players will now properly unlock Guard Winslow’s name

  • Vault updates

  • Ravensmoor: Moved floating rocks to the ground and rebuilt navmesh

  • Devotional Caretakers: fixed an issue where the devotional caretakers were stating the player had been to Jaanaford even when they hadn’t

  • Fixes for store tags for rock and boulder packs

  • Aether creatures have left Novia

  • Adventuring Trainers: “Bypass conversations with merchants” can no longer be skipped with adventuring trainers unless you have a specific “training” flag that relates to that trainer.

  • Crown Shop – added fireflies vfx decos

  • Change to allow Printing Press assets to be placed as POT Deco

  • Bard’s Rest: Removed interconnection with Brittany Fort.

  • Change all crafting stations to allow POT Deco placement

  • Adjusted lights on fireflies VFX decos

  • Crown Shop – Added grass rock and boulder packs to store

  • Blood River: The two guards named “Robert Townsend” are now named “Rob Townsend” and “Bob Townsend” (and they’re cousins).

  • LOD performance work for many decorations

  • Stonefist will now correctly stun targets

  • Changed WaterWell to allow placement in Player Dungeons.

  • Belt durability increased

  • Piano: Female Avatar’s nameplate now moves to the right place when playing

  • Fixed an issue where the camera would not follow the character correctly when traveling on elevators

  • Added fancy toilet paper stand

  • Ardoris: Updated the “boy in the attic” journal and responses from The Boy and Captain Cugel, including adding compass markers.

  • Resolute: Added “bandit head” responses to Godbert’s “hello” responses that match his “help” responses.

  • Resolute: All the knights/guards now can respond to the “godbert” keyword.

  • Battle of Solace Bridge: Updated the auto-switch that opens the “magically locked” gate to better account for grandfathered characters from before the BoSB revision.

  • Added eternal pattern to cupid bow

  • 8 New NPC’s with large conversation dialogs. (Currently investigating why they aren’t showing up in the store)


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