Patch Notes for February 19, 2020

build Number 1123(200061)- Feb 19 6:00AM


  • Fixes for vendor and overworld font issues

  • New store items including “Conversation” NPCs and rock sets

  • Spelling and typo fixes in numerous quests and UI elements

  • Congrats to Shadowwood Forest

  • Recall scrolls will now also take 5 seconds

  • Snowy Mountains Road Encounter: Fixed an issue where players were unable to enter the Troll variant of this encounter.

  • Fixed holes in Pot template terrain (desert_metropolis_01b_template)

  • Mistrendur: Added galleon to Novia, rowboats from/to islands, and ankhs at each boat. Rebaked navmesh.

  • Deepened river in Crooked shank for swimming/fishing

  • Brittany Graveyard: All players given Owen’s key for the Serpent’s Spine Foothills should be able to use it on his secret treasure chest.

  • Leprechaun deco and washbasin stand deco can no longer be flipped

  • Added Standard Printing Press to deco merchant

  • Obsidian Plate Leggings once again appear correct instead of having bright green highlights. Acara Plate decos now also appear correct.

  • Fix for Skrekk crash