Patch Notes – Jan 27 to 29

10 months ago

Build Number 1625 – January 27th, 12:10 AM

  • Fixed a typo and a quantity issue in the R110 subscription reward bundle.
    There was a glitch with the delivery of the Subscriber rewards for R110. The title of the reward bundle indicated that a Hearts cloak would be included. There was an issue with the cloak that required us to pull it from the reward bundle and replace it with a second end table, however, one of the end tables was missing for anyone who received AND OPENED it on Thursday (I think the UPS driver stole it).This patch will correct the delivery moving forward. Anyone who was shorted the end table will receive the second automatically through in-game mail; there’s no need to reach out to Support.
  • Added the new chest recipes to carpentry merchants.
  • Fixed the new chest recipes’ subclassification within the recipe book.
  • Attempted to fix the name of the Snowy Owl deco pet (again).
  • Updated the crown store’s seasonal categories for 2023.
  • Added a picture in the crown store for the Mini Air Elemental.
  • Fixed LOD and z-fighting issues at the base of a balcony door in the Stone Five-Story Wizard’s Tower (Village Home).

Build Number 1626 – January 27th, 1:15 PM

  • Fixes for new lava trophies’ missing textures.
  • Added new icons for the new crafted chests.
  • Added White Roses to the crown store.
  • Changed Magic School sign set name in the crown store.

Build Number 1629 – January 29th, 5:30 PM

  • Blood River Outskirts: Removed invisible collision that was blocking access to a spider cave.
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