Play Release 96 Now! Castle Atos! The Ancient Undead! Dread Artifact Update! Non-Destructive Evictions!

2 years ago

Greetings Fellow Avatars!

The Catnip Games development team now brings the players of Shroud of the Avatar another round of new content and improvements. For Release 96 (R96), players will experience a large variety of changes to the game. First off, players can now explore a new social hub scene called Castle Atos! This scene will be the focal point for providing many social in-game events, content, and rewards in the future, and already we’ve populated this new scene with many activities and items to keep players entertained. The reward blessing present there even scales in power with the number of players in scene!

The Ancient Undead attack! This ancient race of creatures are appearing throughout New Britannia. Will you be able to defeat them?

Dread Artifacts can now be patterned, and evictions no longer push items to a player’s bank, they’ll instead cause your property to move to the Property Manager window! SO many changes, so what are you waiting for? Get in there and play Shroud of the Avatar!


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