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2 years ago

Release 98 Patch Notes!

Below is a list of game changes and new content that are live as of Release 98 (R98). A handful of combat balance changes and other fixes will be patched in within the next week before moving on to our February release

  • More big cats have finally made their appearance in Novia: Jaguars, Black Panther, and Snow Tigers

    • With the exception of the very rare, very powerful version of each species, all big cats can be tamed!

    • Jaguars and Black Panthers have chances to spawn in:

      • Forest road encounter in Novia, Hidden Vale, and Mistrendur

      • Ravensmoor

      • Verdantis Shardfall

      • Norgard Fens

      • Sawtooth Thicket

    • Snow Tigers have a chance to spawn in:

      • Snowy Tundra encounters in Novia and Mistrendur

      • Jotungrund

  • Added a randomize button to the character creation screen.

  • Added a street light to Righ Inis on the overworld map to make it easier to find.

  • Added big cat trophy heads and rugs

  • Added Lua function ShroudPlayerGold to get current gold amount of the player.

  • Added pristine to the new big cat head component

  • Added ShroudOnPlaySound which will catch Lua and UI sound name and also ShroudStopUISound() which is used with the first function to stop a sound from

  • Being played in the UI channel right when its being played.

  • Added ShroudSceneMusic(active) lua function to stop or re-enable back the scene music.

  • Adjusted and added missing deco surfaces for the Lord of the Isle Aquarium dungeon room. SOTA-70104

  • Aerie: Fixed an issue where the “Find Another Blacksmith” compass marker was displaying prematurely. SOTA-70085

  • Ardoris: Added a compass marker for players finding certain evidence related to the black arrow murders. SOTA-70078

  • Ardoris: Improved the journals, responses, logic, and compass markers related to meeting with Siranto, Khasi, Pintar, Damai, and the spirit-talkers.

  • Ardoris: Improved the logic which Shaaria uses to clear her “Give Advice to Shaaria” task. SOTA-70092

  • Ardoris: Removed a redundant keyword from Rolf the guard’s conversation, to stop build errors.

  • Ardoris: The “Meet with Siranto” task has had several text improvements, including being renamed to “Mention Undead to Siranto.”

  • Ardoris: Updated the tasks related to Samael and Kardan Marbane pointing the avatar to talk to Min Liang Tan. SOTA-65292

  • Bard songs vfx should no longer continue after the song is over.

  • Battle of Solace Bridge: Corrected spelling of “Soltown” in “Tell Abigail About Charlotte” journal entry. SOTA-70094

Too many to list! See the webpage for a full list of all fixes in this release

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