Player Dungeon: Blackstone Prison

If you are looking for somewhere to explore this weekend, I suggest taking a look at Blackstone Prison In Umbra Regman. Isabel Ayin has created a wonderfully spooky dungeon for players to explore.

Posted by Isabel on the forums:

The walls of Blackstone Castle hold many dark mysteries. A nest of fearsome dragons, a laboratory where horrible experiments are carried out and, in the central courtyard, a small cell with a strange blue portal inside. On the other side of this portal is an ancient prison and its forgotten prisoners. And an execution yard as the centerpiece (with a double public address system to broadcast the executions!).
After years of neglect, the prison has been taken over by a great lich, his right hand (the evil jailer) and his terrible minions, and the laments of the prisoners echo in the dark walls that give the prison its name.

But not everything is darkness and death in Blackstone, there is also a place to relax. One of the doors leads to a luxurious swimming pool where seasoned adventurers can relax, recharge their batteries at the all-you-can-eat buffet or take a refreshing swim (the management asks that you leave your weapons and armor in the lockers set up for this purpose).

If you get lost in this maze of cells, keep in mind that the dead show you the way.

Check out more photos and full details here: