POT Insider: A Visit to Belly of the Snake

Not long ago I spoke with Warrior B’Patrick, who told me of his town in the newly discovered lands of Mistrendur. He already has a wonderful place in Novia for new avatars to settle in and begin their journeys and wanted to expand that into Mistrendur. He sketched me a map and I headed to catch a boat into the new lands.

Once we docked, it was a quick run to Belly of the Snake. It is just North of the Ship that brings Avatars from Novia and Hidden Vale.


I entered and found myself on the docks of a beautifully laid out city. In front of my were row houses, ready to be claimed and made into homes and/or vendors. Warrior B’Patrick is welcoming all avatars to Belly of the Snake and there are currently no restrictions on placing a lot. He hopes to attract some adventurers and crafters to live here and become a place to gear up for your travels into the new lands. With the dangerous monsters we will be hearing about, one will need a place to rest and restock on supplies to survive out there!


On the map he gave me, a note was scrawled across the side that said:

If you visit the town and find the perfect place to live and there is not a lot there just message me and we can work it out. I do not have an Inn here but one can be built if the need is there and it will be rent-free.

As I walked through the streets, taking in the layout of the town I came upon the Crafting Pavilion in the center of town. The pavilion provides the townspeople with expert workstations for that +5 buff and a Banker and Crafting Merchant is nearby. I stopped and spoke with some of the residents, who directed me to check out the nearby tavern.


Off I went down the street until I came to the tavern with a great dance floor set up. This area is available to rent for anyone looking to have a party. Just a quick registration, but no fee, will allow you to use the Dual Wax Cylinder Phonograph.

Time flew while I was visiting the tavern because when I stepped out night had fallen. Happily, I strolled down the street towards the giant moondial I could see in the distance. Once I was there, I saw that there was a fast teleport sign.

SotA_09-16-20_20-47_1 (2).pngSotA_09-16-20_20-47_1 (2).png

Surely I was too tipsy to make it up that big hill, so I let the teleport take me. Then I saw the foals. I had to stop and pet the foals! I was careful to close the gate behind me. I would never catch them if they got out. After touring around Warrior B’Patrick’s home I made one more stop down near the docks.


I waved at Uncle John the fisherman as I approached and had a chat with him. He explained to me that this small fishing village within the outskirts of Belly of the Snake was named ‘The One That Got Away.” Three-row houses are here and available for those who want to be close to the water and he keeps a roped off area nice and clean to fish in. He told me that the rumor is the more people that move into town, the more amenities will be added for the people.


Before jumping on one of the many boats, I climbed a tower that overlooked the town and sat for a moment, taking in how quiet and homey Belly of the Snake felt. This will be a great starting point for Mistrendur adventures and I look forward to watching this town grow.



Town/City Name: Belly of the Snake
Owner: Warrior B’Patrick

Location: Middle Island in Mistrendur. North of the Ship from Novia and Hidden Vale

POT Town Connections: Boat to Harvest, Boat to Distant Towns (New Fawn, Port Royal, and Port Titan), A POT Teleporter Boat currently set for Novia Market.

Free Lots: Yes, open to the public

POT Brochure (for more screenshots and info): https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/belly-of-the-snake-in-mistrendur.162914/