POT Insider: Knightmare Falls

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Homes were spread through the area. Residents have ample space and are not packed together, giving it a very serene place. Every place I visited had been built and decorated with care. Reindeer strolled through the trees, residents waved and I spent a good amount of time simply wandering and taking it all in.

Knightmare Falls has grown under the leadership of Trellana and Maykie and they have developed a story and history of the town. There is still much more to be discovered here.

It is clear that they aim to take care of all their citizens, growing Knightmare Falls from a small town struggling to survive, to the flourishing place you see today.


Knightmare Falls definitely has everything you could want and need, including the beautiful stage for music and dancing. Many teleporters are located throughout the town. If you stop at the tavern, Knightmare’s Gambit, and speak with D’Shaun, he will help you located them. You can find all the devotionals, boats, and balloons to many towns and even a troll dungeon


I appreciated the fast travel signs as well as the regular signs with directions. It made finding my way through the forests easily. The town is open to new residents with Row, Village, and Town lots. If you would like something bigger, you just need to reach out and inquire. Misty also has inn rooms for those who need a place to stay – asking for no more than patience and communication.

Even if you are not looking for a place to live, Knightmare Falls should be on your list of towns to visit. I guarantee you will fall in love with this place.

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Town/City Name:  Knightmare Falls

Owner: Maykie Antear (Steward: Trellana)

Location: Mistrenduer

POT Town Connections: 

  • Balloons to Central Britany, Etceter, Harvest, Owls head, Soltown, and Yew

  • Balloons to Distant Town (Skalabreka and Valor)

  • NPC Boat to Distant Town – Immortal City

  • NPC Boat to Distant Town – Fallin’ Green

  • POT Balloon to Brittany Fields

  • POT Boat to Mysteria and Fishing Expedition

Features of Knightmare Falls

  • 3 Districts (with crafting tables and all NPC vendors)

    • Town Square

    • Docks

    • Knightmare Falls Estates

  • All known Teleporters are hidden around town (see D’Shaun in Knightmares Gambit for locations)

  • Knightmare’s Gambit (Tavern)

  • Knightmare Falls Embassy (to help new players)

  • Governor’s Office

  • Oracles (x2)

  • Fancy Bathroom (at the estates)

  • Not fancy bathroom …. At the gambit

  • Pavilion with +5 crafting tables in town square

  • Crafting at each main location (docks, town square and estates)

  • Dungeons to be discovered

  • Beautiful Stage at Knightmare Falls for all musical engagements

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