POT Insider: Mystic Isle

Sitting on the tip of Spindrift Island, we visit Mystic Isle. A town of quiet beauty.

3 years ago

Upon my arrival at Mystic Isle, I was in awe at the beauty of this town. Although I have been to Brittany many times, my travels never led me to Spindrift Island. Catching a ride across to the tip of the island, I entered Mystic Isle.

Surveying my surroundings, I saw a clouded island in the distance that intrigued me. I made a note to visit that before I left.

distance island.PNGdistance island.PNG

The town layout makes everything feel very homey and I can see a great community of avatars living here. I found everything an adventurer could ever need.

A wonderful crafting area for the town citizens sat close to the docks, as well as a full set of devotionals. An oracle confirmatory sits for you to speak with the Oracle when you feel the need to.

There is also a teleporter to take you directly to Owl’s Head!


I strolled the streets until I found the gustball field, where I sat to rest my feet. A wonderful area to hold some fun games someday. The surrounding forest of Mystic Isle is a beautiful touch. It does not feel cluttered with random things and lets you take a quiet walk through nature.

gustball court.PNGgustball court.PNG


Still thinking about the distant islands, I headed back to the docks. A flaming dragon overlooked the lighthouse. The islands also held a prison and a mountain top keep. Walking through the trees, I also found a group of secluded homes. This was a nice secluded area that I could see many avatars wanting to live in.


island houses.PNGisland houses.PNG

I am very surprised that there are no citizens here in Mystic Isle yet. It is close to Brittany and many market towns as well as adventuring areas. If you are looking for a new home, I suggest taking a walk around this beautiful town.


Town/City Name: Mystic Isle

Owner: Barugon

Location: Northern tip of Spindrift Island

Free Lots: Yes, open to the public


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