POT Insider: Novia Market

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3 years ago


Stepping off the boat onto the docks of Novia Market, I saw a town that was bustling with life. Vendors of all types peddled their wares and hustled through the streets. I stopped and ask a merchant where the best place to start would be, but she simply smiled and said “Anywhere you want hun.

SotA_10-10-20_18-51_1 (2).pngSotA_10-10-20_18-51_1 (2).png

I picked the main street, Promo Alley. Nicely laid out, each vendor home had plenty of room to advertise wares and to accommodate those looking for deals. For a busy town, the streets were clean and the layout of the market is easily navigated in a way that flows, without making a person feel lost.

Around one of the corners, I noticed teleporters to Tartarus, The Rise, Lost Vale, and Compendium of Pain and Suffering – great additions! There are also numerous boats leaving the docks to take you to a variety of places. Brittany Fields and Brittany Alleys can be accessed here. Or take a boat to a variety of player towns – Beren’s Reach, Brittany Fort, Crystal Cove, Lys Market, Outlandia, and Siren Song Bayou.

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A large crafting center sits in the center of the town, open to all residents and visitors alike. There were ruins of a small building that I stopped to rest at, Sitting down, I pulled out the note that was given by me by Adam Crow, owner of Novia Market. I began to read:

Hail Thradia!

In anticipation of your visit, I have written a short history of Novia Market to tell you how this all came about.

A dear friend of mine, Benjamin Hroth, had a market idea. To create a better shopping experience with a market town of row homes close together to form alleys. Benjamin reached out to Bamboozle and together they create the layout and market that you see here today. Active crafters and players were recruited and set up what is now called Promo Alley. The original team was Robyn Hood, Elrond, Vladimir Begemot, DevilCult, Grizelda TheHag, By Tor, Kron Caledon, Thexedor Markhamm, Illiot, Bamboozle, Benjamin Hroth and of course myself. Each of us was in charge of a certain category, yet we all shared the vendors to post our wares on. We ran promotional deals on Saturdays and Sundays in order to get traffic in.

Bamboozle decided to sell Novia Market and it passed on to Robyn Hood. She is extremely generous and put in a lot of work for the community, even as the other members of the team began to work on other projects. I did my part as well, but she was the heart of the town for many years.

Recently she decided to stop playing and it was a very sad day for Novia Market and the community. Her shoes can never be filled, but I’m doing my best to keep her ideals for Novia Market intact. She handed the role of Governor over to me a few months ago but I was very busy in real life until recently. For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to find players to join our team in promo alley. I’m currently looking for active crafters/players to help stock our shared vendors so if anyone is interested please reach out to me on the forums, discord, or in game.

We also have plenty of room for more residents. I purchased an upgrade for the town a while back, so I can currently accommodate just about any type of lot.

-Adam Crow


Rolling up the scroll and tucking back into my pack, I surveyed the market around me, contemplating selling my own wares here.


Town/City Name: Novia Market
Owner: Adam Crow
Location: South of Brittany

Free Lots: Yes. Contact Adam Crow via forums, discord or in-game

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