POT Insider: Phoenix Haven


Opening the map scroll, I familiarized myself with Mistrendur before setting out to the island of Slandemagge and entered Phoenix Haven. This is a Phoenix Republic Guild Sub-Station created for the use of the Republic and its allied guilds.

inside hut.JPGinside hut.JPG

For a city that is still in the works of being built, it is already coming together as a strong and picturesque town. The sheer number of statues that are through Phoenix Haven is amazing. Everywhere you look, there is another statue. I spent a lot of time walking and looking – as there were some that I had never seen before.

The giant scarecrow watching over the harbor is enough to intimidate anyone who comes here with ill intentions. It was peaceful to walk through the uncrowded streets of Phoenix Haven. It allowed me to take in each part of the town without any interruption.


Phoenix Haven isn’t just a place for guild members, the public can also rent a lot here. Simply contact the Governor or Stewards for placement as there are no per-placed lots. They did not want to have restrictions on avatars for their choice of locations. They request that those who wish to have a residence in the POT create a heraldic banner for display at the docks. There is no time limit on this and this is not an absolute requirement.


Devotionals are being planned and will be placed soon. Dungeon(s) are in process. Expansion of these will happen as more COTOs and gold are collected. The town will grow slowly and its residents proudly be part of this growth.

Its placement in Mistrendur is easy to find and a great place to prepare yourself for any upcoming adventurers in the new lands.

Next time you are in the area, or if you are looking for a new place to put down some roots in the new lands, take a visit to Phoenix Haven. You will have a lot of freedom to choose where you would like to place and you can become part of this up and coming new town.

statues more.JPGstatues more.JPG


Town/City Name: Phoenix Haven
Owner: Skutter Luchnyk
Stewards: Phule Anachron
Haraldr Skjaldarberi
Farmer Jack
Location: Mistrendur – Slangemagge – southeast coastal area near the border of Cantabrigia and Rostfelt

Sota Wiki: https://sotawiki.net/sota/Community:Phoenix_Haven


map 2.JPGmap 2.JPG