POT Insider: Rajazel

A beautiful museum town right next to Soltown!

3 years ago

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Recently, I accepted an offer to visit the town of Rajazel. Since it isn’t too far away from my home in Celestis, I mounted my horse and headed out to visit. I found Rajazel right across the road from Soltown – a prime location!

Riding into the town, I left my horse in the care of a dock worker for a few gold and headed out to explore. Rajazel is a beautiful town, set up as a museum, a place to explore and fish. The first thing that caught my eye was the Christmas House and area. It was so bright and festive! Perfect for this time of year.

I followed the town signs to the camping area and found a lovely area of tents and a warm burning fire. I sat down here and opened a book sent to me by Lijuan Zhang about the history of Rajazel. It read:

camping area.PNGcamping area.PNG

History of Rajazel

Named for Lijuan Zhang’s daughters – RAchel , JAde ,ZELda.

Coming from the lands of Britannia in Ultima, Lijuan has high hopes for SoTA. Pledging early with a citizen pledge, Lijuan set up in Desolis with a village lot and began adventuring and crafting in Novia. As skills grew, Lijuan began to keep and collect rares but found that room in the Desolis house was running out. The home deed was upgraded a few times until Lijuan realized that it was time to move to a new city. For a while, Lijuan lived in Silverdale Market and began to shop. Looking for items to display so that others could see what all Novia has to offer. More and more items were found and a museum was set up in the basement of Lijuan’s city lot. Many people came to see and were wowed by the item collection.

With no hesitation, a POT was bought. Now Lijuan owns a crossroad village sized town with themed lots all set up to display the great items the game has to offer. A friend named Death Herself helps find and bring new items to the town so that it is always being updated and added to.

Highlights of Rajazel

  • Crafting Pavilion

  • Devotionals

  • 2 Dungeon Teleporters

  • Deco/Fishing Dungeon (under construction)

  • Part of the Catnip Fishing Tournament POT rotation


Closing the book, I jumped up to check out the rest of this marvelous town. I was excited to explore more and see what I could find.

The games area was beautifully set up for a relaxing game of chess or checkers. A gustball field sat nearby for anyone looking to have an action-packed gustball game.

christmas house.PNGchristmas house.PNG

house of horrors.PNGhouse of horrors.PNG

The town signs made it easy to get around and the next place I was curious about was the farm. To my surprise, I came upon a huge farm set up!

After poking around that area, I went for a walk through the town, just looking at the buildings and the decorations. The spooky House of Horrors stood tall and ominous. I was hesitant to even go in and explore.

The cloak hall was a very unique display that I very much enjoyed. Showing cloaks and heraldry of all types.

cloak hall.PNGcloak hall.PNG

There was so much to look at, it is impossible to show you everything. I highly recommend a visit to Rajazel. I promise you will not be disappointed and you will find yourself losing track of time as you look around.



Town/City Name: Rajazel

Owner: Lijuan Zhang

Location: Right outside Soltown, just across the road

Free Lots: No

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