POT Upgrade Via COTOs

Ravalox posted today:

I’ll prolly flesh this post out better in the coming weeks. (make more purty)

POT upgrades up until now have been very confusing and required a degree in mathematics. We are looking to eliminate all that and make this a more simple, easy to understand system.

so “please excuse our dust, while we upgrade to serve you better” …

* We are working to adjust the website so COTO upgrades will be reflected there.
* To determine what you cost in COTOs will be for your POT to be upgraded, please refer to the below chart:

(use this link for a bigger version)

This is the base price chart. If there is a POT upgrade sale (like there is now) [
20% off POT upgrades and new Holdfasts through 4/20. ] then subtract 20% from the cost. Pretty straightforward now.

We will be posting a calculator as well to make it as easy as possible.

Please feel free to post question here on this thread. Please reach out to me to initiate a COTO POT upgrade and we will get you all setup!

NOTE: edited post as MOTD in game was corrected to Holdfast from Hamlet

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