Pumpkin Patch Trophy Hunt

Vendor Camp Locations Silverdale Market, Brit Mart, also my own town under construction as a pumpkin patch town -Soltowns Harvest (vendor town) soon to come for future events!

Pumpkin Patch man Aeolus Adara at it again… transporting hundreds of pumpkins on my journey to Soltown and the wagons wheel fell right off! Before ye knew it thugs surrounded me and robbed me of all me pumpkins!

Recover these Pumpkin trophies for poor ole pumpkin man Adara and the largest pumpkin sent receives the following prizes in order:

1ST PLACE – 100K



All pumpkins must be mailed to the following character name: Aeolus Adara

All pumpkins have been added to the loot system, Grown & Crafted by Aeolus Adara may only be entered into the contest.

You can hunt monsters and randomly loot these pumpkins.

Growing Location does not matter, will be different, Mith, Silverdale Market, Brit Mart, any location grown by me & crafted by me is acceptable.

Check out the details on the forums here: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/8-28-2021-pumpkin-patch-trophy-hunt.169671/