QA Build 1301 Notes

Posted by Ravalox:

Included in this build:

* Various Grusk improvements; fixed stuck spot, added steam sounds, terrain changes, added a carpentry merchant with custom conversation dialogue, fixed typos in journal entries,

* Added a note in the Store User Interface (UI) suggesting to purchase Episode 2 if the player doesn’t already have it. (as suggested by @Anpu)

* Players should no longer hear a heartbeat sound as the scene is loading (this was a somewhat random occurrence)

* Players should no longer hear “Shroud!” then loading into the Arx Draconis POT. (Note: The dragon statue in the square will still play the sound when clicked)

* Players should no longer hear Electrical sounds when loading into a scene (Grusk for example) where Moon Towers are present

* Failed attempt to fix the issue where the Spider Room Blueprints are not dropping. Worked with Devilcult to develop an action plan. I will be purging the table completely and rebuilding, then if issue continues, I will be flushing the server loot and recipe cache (all this on QA, so no impact to live play)

* Started adding “Dungeon Map Cards”: As stated in the past, we will not be making in game maps for dungeons until such a time as tech to support fog of war exists. So all of the Dungeons will have a fun little “placeholder” instead. Note Known Issue: Some of the cards may be rotated. This will be fixed in the next QA build.

…and more! (There will most time be additional things in QA builds that either are not ready for player testing, or are secret!

I am targeting another QA build for tomorrow evening. (the build take about 5-7 hours, so it should be published around 8pm