Live Server Patch Notes

QA Patch Notes 1312 – April 15, 2022

2 years ago

1312 [pending upload sometime today 04-25-22]

* Item name color in tooltip will now match color seen in inventory instead of all being mostly blue.
* Reduced the resize of height of teleport scroll a bit so it can fit in everyone’s screen.
* Added a scrollbar in the description part of the crown store window to prevent icons and pattern in some case to overlap with the text. Text will be more visible as it won’t shrink anymore.
* Fix for acara armor not applying the air damage
* Fix for acara armor attunement effect not applying properly
* Players can now use /time to display their local (real life) date/time, server date/time and New Brittania date/time info as well, in the chat window. [SOTA-70427]
* Fixed dungeon room and navmesh. (Hilt Rotunda, Hilt Spider room, The Rise Dog room, and The Rise Library)
[This should completely solve the Spawn and pet movement issues in these rooms. We will continue to sweep through and rebuild the rest of the rooms as well]

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