QA Patch Notes & Testing Directives

The latest QA patch notes can always be found on this thread on the official Shroud of the Avatar forums.

Currently, we have the following QA Patch Notes added:


* Adjust bench/pew collision and sit points [SOTA-70506]
* Misc refinements for logout feedback form

1323 (QA Post R102 patch to sync with live at Patch2 level)

Testing Directive

Ravalox is looking for feedback from the QA server on the following topic:

Stone Dungeon Room (Hilt Spider Room with Spawns))
This version of the dungeon room will spawn spiders… lots of spiders… oh, so, many, spiders.

Stone Dungeon Room (Hilt Spider Room (Debris Deco))
This is an exact copy of the Hilt Spider room with deco surfaces.
Please note that due to the debris present in this room, some deco locations will be impacted/reduced.

Stone Dungeon Room (Hilt Spider Room (Pristine Deco))
This is an alternate version of the Spider room with no Debris, maximizing the deco surfaces.

* Please logon to QA, go to hilt and kill spiders! I want to make sure that the blueprints *are* dropping.
* The Blueprints *should* drop in the player dungeon spawned room as well. (be sure to check the eggs)
* If possible, please make the rooms, there are transition recipes (discoverable) to migrate between all three room types. (so please make sure you can convert between the room types)
* I have a dungeon already setup in Hometown (at the LOTI Mansion) – The entrance will be in the courtyard. Please explore the rooms there if you cannot create a dungeon for yourself. The Spawn room will be Tier 6, so please be careful!
* For those who want to test the rooms but do not wish to craft them, I will leave a chest with blueprints near the dungeon entrance.

See the full details on the forums here