QA Server Build 1237

A huge thanks to Coswald Dirthmire for keeping us up to date on the QA server patches! Here is the latest:

Posted on the forums here:

QA Build 1237:
Anyone wishing to check out the full QA session we did can check out the twitch video here.

The Paper Doll for Pets has been added
with the slots “Collar”, “Toy”, and “Accessory”. While players are allowed to examine the stats of other’s pets (similar to examining each other) there’s currently a display bug when doing so. Stats for the pet update live as buffs, foods, frenzy, etc. are applied.

Exceptional bow crafts give a durability effectiveness bonus, which fixes the bug reported here.

Frost Giant fight in Jotungrund is improved and players can now (at least partially?) transverse the barrier during the fight. More of the attacks seem to land, but DOTs and AOEs are still broken or mostly broken. Attacks from a more reasonable distance are hitting, so players no longer have to stand between the giant’s legs to exchange damage. Being killed by the giant now results in an odd frozen-in-place death with the giant continuing to attack the corpse, and no Resurrection seeming to be possible.

No additional Enchant options found from non-magic-school-associated imbued gems/jewels were found, but testing was not particularly intensive.

Misc. Check-In Items that weren’t necessarily expected to change (and didn’t) include:

  • Non-Tired Artifacts (such as Cabalist Hoods and Weapons)

  • Pax Ring does not give an Imbued Jewel upon salvaging.