QA Server Patch Notes 1305 (April 20, 2022)

Posted by Ravalox:


* When someone is set PvP or is in a PvP scene and go AFK they will get disconnected after being AFK for 20 minutes (or 10 minutes after the flag is set). Increased AFK flag time by 5 minute.
* Crafted iron lamp should light properly when being close. [SOTA-68763]
* Sawtooth Thicket: Moved a floating axe to a nearby stump. [SOTA-70362]
* Dysborg Ruins: Moved a fishing hotspot to a spot where it can be accessed. [SOTA-70364]
* Grusk: Fixed a ladder with a bad teleport target. Improved how avatars can get to the top of the mountain by the factory. Adjusted some rocks that players could see through. Moved some floating trees to ground level.
[SOTA-70367, SOTA-70359, SOTA-70366, SOTA-70368, SOTA-70361]
* Castle Atos: Fixed a pathfinding issue where NPCs would sometimes stumble on cracks between floor pieces. [SOTA-70365]
* The Fall: Updated the tiger spawners to ensure all spawners worked and with a better chance to spawn high-tier enemies. [SOTA-70363]
* Path of Truth: Updated logic for “Travel to Blood River” and “Explore Artifice” to help them automatically archive when required. [SOTA-70360]
* Arabella: Added a “bonesteel” response that will remove an artifact from players who shouldn’t yet have it.
* Player will now be able to see other player again on elevator/platform [SOTA-69027]
* Avatar won’t appear crouched when getting out of elevator/platform [SOTA-70341]
* Outskirts: Crafting merchants in all 3 outskirts each now sell one type of board recipe. [SOTA-70354]
* Added a /translate command you can use in the chat. This will translate the last line in the chat to the current language set in game option or you can specify it at the end with the language like ‘/translate en’.
More information can be found in the player manual.
* Solace Bridge Outskirts: For quest reasons, players cannot skip the conversation with the alchemist. [SOTA-69948]
* Grusk: The Storehouse Container shelter now has a unique set of turn-ins. The common items are Metal Scrap, Small Ball of Clay, Animal Hide, and Animal Bone. The uncommon item is Crocodile Head. [SOTA-70206]
* Big Cats now have proper animations in for Charge Attacks [SOTA-70346]
* Added a LUA Add-On(s) Manager which can be found in the Window Selection menu in game.
* Added 2 new lua function, ShroudOnExperienceChanged which return the amount of experience added in pool and the type, adventurer or producer. Then ShroudOnDisableScript() which is a convenience method for Lua scripter to clean up their script when a player disable it in the manager. More information about this in the forum and in the Lua API document.
* POT Meadow’s Edge: Upgraded to Metropolis from City. [SOTA-70372]
* POT M’hul Island: Upgraded to Crossroads Village from Village. [SOTA-70379]
* POT Silk Road: Upgraded to City from Crossroads Village. [SOTA-70380]
* POT Chaos ar’ mori’elen ten’oio: Added new Holdfast to Mistrendur, on the southwest shoreline of the central island. [SOTA-70021]
* POT TheBonusRole Undercity: Added new village to Novia near the Whiteguard Foothills. [SOTA-70381]
* Wynton’s Folly: Moved a piece of floating garlic to the ground. [SOTA-70389]
* Grusk: Fixes several floating bushes. [SOTA-70385]
* Aldwater: Fixed an issue where pavers were floating at the exit archways. [SOTA-70386]
* Braemar: Moved a floating pillow to the top of a bed. [SOTA-70388]
* Blood Bay: Plugged a gap blow some rocks near a shoreline where ocean water could be seen through the gap. [SOTA-70387]
* Updated Housing tax/eviction timer email text to advise the house with deco will be placed in the Property Manager instead of sent to the bank. [SOTA-70358]
* Ardoris: Added extra logic to help clear Timothy the Enchanter’s “Find the Beast’s Lair” task, including saying by “hello” to him after completing the activity. [SOTA-70382]
* Spectral Mines: Added extra logic to help clear Timothy the Enchanter’s “Find the Beast’s Lair” task after defeating the archlapin. [SOTA-70382]