QA Testing Directive: Grusk

The QA Server has been updated, as well as testing directives for a new area in Mistrendur, Grusk.

Posted by Ravalox:

The semi-monthly Live Database sync to QA has been completed!

At least twice a month the Live Game Server database will be copied over to the Player Test Environment.

This action is intended to assist players in testing Features, Mechanics and maybe even splurge on some Crown Store items without fear or risk.

Players now are awarded 500,000 Gold and 100,000 Crowns, along with 10,000,000 Pooled XP on daily login and an Extra Character slot for testing!

Posted by Sannio:

Grusk is a kobold town. Like Tanglemire, the core of the town is safe with a variety of merchant, utility, and incidental NPCs, but there are no lots for players to claim.

Grusk is surrounded by dangerous wilderness and protected from external threats by palisade walls. It has three safe sections: the main village with merchants, trainers; a mansion owned by the town’s governor; and a large waterfront area. Not all areas of Grusk are safe, as there is a very dangerous factory section with angry workers who will attack avatars.

Players should feel free to explore Grusk. Grusk is mostly finished, but a few changes will occur before it gets to the live server.

Please give feedback on Grusk! I’m particularly keen on getting feedback on the following topics:

  • Talk to the kobolds. They have interesting things to say! Some special keywords don’t appear in their highlighted keyword list, so it’s good to experiment with unlisted keywords.

  • There are two quests currently in Grusk. If you don’t mind spoilers, play through them and provide feedback (and bug reports, if applicable).

  • There are a number of gadgets and interactable objects in the town. Try flipping switches and turning wheels to see what happens.

  • Take a ride on one of the trolleys.

  • What do you think of the town? Is there anything not in the town you feel is required by a kobold community?

  • What do you think of the wilderness?