QA Testing Directive: Horse Mounts!

3 years ago

Ravalox posted:

Ridable horses are coming to SotA!

We currently have 14 different horses available for testing on the QA server. Please login to the Player Test Environment and try to break the horses!

There are a few known issues:

1. Other players cannot see your horse when mounted. (You appear to be standing and sliding when moving)
2. If you try to mount another horse while mounted, the new horse appears before the dismount animation is played.
3. VFX for the Nightmare, Ghost and Shadow horses are not displaying as intended.
4. The Unicorn tails have been improved and will be included in an upcoming patch.
5. Male characters float above the saddle and do not reach the reins.

These issues should be fixed via a patch on QA soon. We want to have all major issues solved before putting the mounts on the live game server, player testing will help us identify any additional issues.

The horses can be obtained by going to the Fishing Expedition Scene and checking the chests on the floating dock. (if ANY of the chests are empty, please reach out to @Ravalox or @Elgarion and we will get them refilled asap.)

To get the the Fishing Expedition:

Take the Fast Travel boat from any of these NPC towns: Aerie, Ardoris, Kingsport, Mud, or Port Graff.

Please be sure to file bugs using the /devbug command while in game, and post any feedback here:

Feedback thread:…eedback-thread-from-testing-directive.165682/

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