QA Testing Directive: Player Dungeon Spider Rooms

Check out QA, and check out all three versions of the dungeon spider room!

2 years ago

Posted by Ravalox in the Official Forums:

A number of issues with the Hilt Basement Spider rooms have been sorted out. Currently on QA, the Blueprints should now drop in the Hilt adventure scene (Spider room) for all three versions of the player dungeon spider rooms (Spawning, Deco and Pristine Deco)

When the next QA patch goes live, the Standard Deco version of the room should allow player to place deco as expected.

Here’s a breakdown:

Stone Dungeon Room (Hilt Spider Room with Spawns))
This version of the dungeon room will spawn spiders… lots of spiders… oh, so, many, spiders.

Stone Dungeon Room (Hilt Spider Room (Debris Deco))
This is an exact copy of the Hilt Spider room with deco surfaces.
Please note that due to the debris present in this room, some deco locations will be impacted/reduced.

Stone Dungeon Room (Hilt Spider Room (Pristine Deco))
This is an alternate version of the Spider room with no Debris, maximizing the deco surfaces.

But the rooms are different!
Each of the rooms have slightly different floorplans. This will be a ‘standard’ going forward. as I clean up the bugs in the existing rooms and add the missing versions, the newly created rooms will have slight changes (or at times not so slight). In some cases (such as the spider rooms), the changes were made to improve the functionality of the rooms. In other cases, modifications may be made just to give you more to explore. Note that some of the changes may not be obvious! Be sure to remember basic AD&D rules, be sure to search everywhere!

Now, on to the testing… (Note that the Debris filled room will not be deco-able until build 1296 or higher)
* Please logon to QA, go to hilt and kill spiders! I want to make sure that the blueprints *are* dropping.
* The Blueprints *should* drop in the player dungeon spawned room as well. (be sure to check the eggs)
* If possible, please make the rooms, there are transition recipes (discoverable) to migrate between all three room types. (so please make sure you can convert between the room types)
* I have a dungeon already setup in Hometown (at the LOTI Mansion) – The entrance will be in the courtyard. Please explore the rooms there if you cannot create a dungeon for yourself. The Spawn room will be Tier 6, so please be careful!
* For those who want to test the rooms but do not wish to craft them, I will leave a chest with blueprints near the dungeon entrance.

Additional fixes: *all* of the dungeon rooms should now be properly categorized in your recipe book. Please let me know if any are showing in the wrong area.

Known Issues: Some triangle shaped floors in both the Pristine and Debris rooms may not be deco-able for build 1296. I will do another pass on these (hopefully before Release, if not they will be fixed in R99 patch1)

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