R103 Patch Notes

Patch notes for SOTA can be found here.

Build Number 1550 – July 1, 7:30AM

  • Previously, Tame Movement Speed was not making your pet move faster but giving it dexterity. This has been fixed. Tame Movement Speed will now make your pet move faster. Dexterity has been seperated from that stat and is now named Tame Creature Dexterity. Skills and gems/jewel that previously had Tame Movement Speed now have Tame Creature Dexterity added to them along with the movement speed. Tame Movement Speed was previously showing a decimal number; it’s now showing a percentage to reflect the pet sheet. The Pet Speed Training innate skill will now give movement speed properly and dexterity as a second stat.
  • Tame Attack Precision was changed to Tame Critical Damage Multiplier. This is for Helm of the Stag Spirit and the Belt of Control artifacts and the Tamed Precision Imbued Gem (which now give a percentage as shown on the pet sheet instead of a decimal.) The value has not changed.
  • Now that wyverns have a higher base damage, their bonus critical damage multiplier while in combat mode has been reduced from 200% to 100% for PvE and from 100% to 50% for PvP.
  • Fixed Train Summoned Pet Resistance not being added to summons’ resistances. Each summon will also resist their own school of magic more than other summons do.
  • Added dexterity debuff to the newly-added blind skill for the summoned phoenix to reflect the same stats as the player skill Blind.
  • Increased the range of attack of ice elementals: the previous fix didn’t work.
  • Earth elementals should now reach targets with their basic attack.
  • Imbued Jewel of the Wolf giving taming strength has been increased.
  • Correcting spelling of Indestructible Lava Fishing Rod in store.
  • Added Grass and Tree Remover bundle to Crown Store.
  • Added container functionality to Redwood Display Table.
  • Corrected duplicate Recipe: Baked Barramundi showing on merchant.
  • Added Recipe: Seared Araipama Steak to merchant listing.
  • Updated the link for Discord in the New Player Handbook. SOTA-70625
  • Grusk: The sign above the entrance to Grusk Factory now simple says “Grusk Factory.” SOTA-70624
  • Grusk Factory: Set display to mark it as Tier 8+.
  • Solace Bridge: Fixed typos in Edvard’s responses. SOTA-70626