R106 resource recovery service

1 year ago

Note: This assumes the worst case recovery scenario

Zero people are happy about this. I feel especially bad for the people working on all the major deco projects during R105. The time spent is just gone. But, all the other resources can be restored. By the devs and/or the community.  

If you had a major deco project running during R105 and need raw resources (ore, wood, etc), processed resources (ingot, boards, etc), or whatever please post a shopping list here with your requirements and how you want the resources delivered. 

Myself, and (hopefully) other members of the community will do what we can to get what you need as quickly as possible at no charge.

If you want to help gather resources, please reply to the shopping list posts with what you’re committing to send. Hopefully, the shopping list posts can be updated with what has been delivered so we can all keep it straight.  


p.s. If any one has a better idea of how to keep this organized, please post it.

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