R70 Builds 1049 & 1051 – Patch Notes

Archers rejoice, Rapid Fire update!

4 years ago

With all the excitement from SotAICon we got behind on the patch notes, so here’s a quick catch up. 1050 didn’t have any notes.

Build Number 1051 – October 12 4:00AM


  • Text localization updates

  • Pathfinding fix for Kobold Expeditionary Camp to fix some kobolds that were trapped!

  • Cotton seed and rose seed counts on merchants increased

  • Juggle skull emotes added to store

  • Moe polish work to The Rise teleporter

  • Fixed issues with Spider Cloak patters pointing to incorrect visuals

  • City sized dragon statue visuals fixed so they no longer go out when player is near them

  • Fixed floating Tartarus teleporter

  • Rapid Fire update: Previously each arrow hit for 45% damage. Now the first arrow hits for 70% and drops 5% per arrow down to 45%. This is to help mitigate the increased damage resistance changes that were more negatively impacting archers.

Build Number 1049 – October 9 8:00AM

Updates -Small patch to address just some store issues

  • Dungeon teleporter decorations can now all be placed. (Future patch will fix the slight floating of the Tartarus entrance)

  • The Rise dungeon teleporter changed to Heritage. (does not change existing versions)

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