R70 Dance Party Highlights and Thoughts!

4 years ago

 - “This music calls for the dance and the dance shall be danced!!” - Lily Byrd

This music calls for the dance and the dance shall be danced!!” – Lily Byrd

“The mix was so fonkay even the creatures started dancing!” – Defected Zephyr

“This party is a stone groove baby!!!!!” – Umeboshi

“Wonderful party! Cheers!” – Lauremir Elenir

“It was a great party until someone’s dragon pooped on my shoes.” – Cleome Arachnid

The crowd was large, and the outdoor venue entrancing as DJ Darkstarr of Virtue Radio laid down the beats for the monthly release party.  Hosted by Wind Silvermoon and Drake Aedus in the lovely town of Blue Rose Isle, fun was the name of the game!

As Lily Byrd put it, “This music calls for the dance and the dance shall be danced!!”

Samba, macarena, happy dance, mosh, Starrlton, fire dance and more, the dances were danced!  In some cases, surrounded by a ring of fire, other times by fireworks!  The costumes were as varied as the community members who wore them:

Anthony Soto, Aria Bloodmoon, Ashyeena Marsh, Aslinne Gradh, Cirsee Phoenixfyre, Crystal Stardust, Cypher Black, D’Weasel, Damaje Harm, Damian Killingsworth, Diego Mas, Franky, Holli Hawke, Ice, Jett Blackheart, Lace Delamorte, Ozzy Questor, Reventrant Bedlam, Royou, scar face, Serenia Mellorian, Shade Bedlam, Spellfire Bloodmoon, Stryker Sparhawk, Toff, Torque, Tyorl, Woodrow Beefcakes, and Yolo Solive.

“Wind and I are honored to be able to host the R70 dance party, with the help of many friends.  And we’re so glad to see so many members of the community here with us.” –  Drake Aedus

“I love doing these Release Dance Parties! Seeing how everyone looks so different and uses all the amazing emotes we’ve created to express themselves!  I of course am always in gratitude to the hosts who provide the property and amazing decorations!” – Darkstarr

In conclusion, it’s hard to quantify how much hard work goes into hosting and DJing a dance party.  But consider this:

“It definitely takes a crew…the lot of land is usually Ice’s beautiful home but, he loaned it to us for today.  The house was done by Drake and me and most of the decorations are mine or Diego Mas.” – Wind Slivermoon.

“I spend about 2 weeks crafting my playlists. Each one is about 20% new songs with the rest being songs from previous. Always have some funk and of course mashups!” – Darkstarr.

It takes dedication and a commitment to excellence to do any kind of event.  I’ll submit that those qualities are in abundance in Wind, Drake, Diego, Ice and Darkstarr, and in EVERY Avatar who shows their support by attending these events!  Huzzah!

If you missed the R70 Dance Party, stay tuned for the announcement of the R71 dance party coming in November! 

(Note from the author – the list of attendees is likely incomplete. My heartfelt apologies to anyone who left before I arrived or arrived after I left. People quoted for the article are not included in the list since they are…quoted!)

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