One of the most popular destinations for Avatars touring New Britannia for the first time is the Tower of the Shuttered Eye.

This impressive multi-story structure contains a variety of active fauna that can be a source of endless entertainment – especially if the Avatar forgets the location of the exit door.

A veritable army of skeleton warriors and the odd lich mage provide the icing on the cake that makes this truly an entertainment experience for the newly arrived to die for.

With so much excitement on tap, it is perhaps no surprise that many overlook a unique attraction that can be found in a side room on the ground floor.

For those seeking a change of pace, a sharp right turn immediately on entering will lead the avid adventurer to a nondescript door, beyond which lies a unique and engaging character: Reginald.

I took the time recently to interview Reginald, who has been in residence at this location for longer than he cares to remember.

“Greetings Reginald, my name is Norkel. I wonder if you would mind answering a few questions for my readers.”

“Oh, hi there Norkel. Sure, no worries. It’ll make a nice change from counting spiders.”

“Awesome Reggie – you don’t mind me calling you Reggie, do you? I guess you’ve seen quite a lot since you’ve arrived. Lots of comings and goings here, that’s for sure!”

“Sure, by all means, you can call me Reggie. Well, you’re certainly correct in the comings and goings department. Many have burst in here with their spider friends, but none of them have ever bothered to talk to me.

You’re the first, actually. Usually they race off into the next room and I never see them again. Quite rude, in my opinion.”

“I’m sure many of our readers would love to know what you did before you decided to hang out here.”

“It may surprise you to know that I too am an Avatar. I used to deliver flower arrangements in Dayton, Ohio for Mrs. Sheckle in The Bountiful Bouquet. But then I ended up here. In my case I fell in with a group of sorcerers, and the rest is history.”

“Well Reggie, I sure love the new look. Really buff. Are there any parting words you’d like to leave with my readers?”

“Yes Norkel. Just tell them that they and their spider friends are welcome to visit any time. I’d love to chat about stuff in general, and if there is anyone from Dayton, I’d love to hear how the Dayton Flyers are going.”

“OK Reggie, I’ll be sure to pass that on, and thanks for the interview.”