Release 100 Special Item – What do you want to see?

On Friday’s Livestream, Chris “Atos” asks for some suggestions for a special item that players would like to see in-game for Release 100. Yep, that’s right, 100 releases!

One Zero posted a thread in the forums to help gather the ideas

We have release 100 coming in about 2 months. During the livestream last Friday Chris asked people to put in the chat what special item should go in the game to celebrate R100. That was a bit chaotic so perhaps try that question again here on the forum.

How about an option to craft, loot or purchase the Release 1 chicken room? Let it be placeable as a basement or dungeon? The game has come a long way since starting as a simple small room with a chicken. If I recall correctly, the player was only equipped with basic clothing and a sword.

So, what unique item or feature do you suggest goes into the game to identify and celebrate Release 100?

What would you like to see? Head over to the forums and get your ideas in!