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Release 102 Patch Notes

2 years ago

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Build Number 1540 – June 2, 1:00AM

  • Full build to fix missing/broken textures
  • Aerie: Raised the magic mirror so it doesn’t float through the floor.
  • Hilt Fortress: Moved the position of an ore node in the quest scenario of this scene. SOTA-70483
  • Kobold Expeditionary Camp: Fixed an issue where players would prematurely get a task by killing Mongo when not in the proper quest stage. SOTA-70545

Build Number 1539 – June 1st, 1:50AM

  • Memorial Day weekend sales and bonuses have ended.
  • When selecting Lua as a channel (while Lua option is active for that channel tab) it will now show Lua instead of Local. Text will also now appear in the chat as a Lua message.
  • After using a quest reset, Arabella now has a “Speak with Arabella” compass marker in Soltown, Aerie, and Resolute. SOTA-70531
  • Novia: Reduced the maximum opacity of the ‘swamp fog’ throughout the scene.
  • Aerie: Adding a New You salon and a beautician named Cicilia Griffiths. SOTA-70542
  • Blood River: Added additional measures to archive the “Use a Skill in Your Hotbar” task, including talking to Robert Villines more than once in the ‘after’ version. SOTA-70360
  • Crypt of the Avatar: Unblocked two side rooms that were incorrectly blocked. Fixed z-fighting on a certain floor section. Added a compass marker for the exit to Midmaer Passage. Sealed an open gap in a wall area. SOTA-70539, 70538, 70535, and 70534
  • Desert Encounter: Updated a test situation for a timed event.
  • Hilt Fortress: Dirtied the scene to ensure a resource node change is added. SOTA-70483
  • Jotungrund: Fixed a stuck spot involving a ‘sticky’ barbarian tent.
  • K’rawl: Added a compass marker for the exit to South Boundless Forest. SOTA-70536
  • Midras Ruins: Removed an archway with a one-sided texture that was clipping through the ground. SOTA-70537
  • The Rise: Fixed an ankh target that was sending avatars into the void. The Aether Corpions are now the same faction as the Bark Corpions. SOTA-70533 and 70540
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