Release 70 – Livestream Notes

4 years ago

Lord British, Darkstarr, Atos, Sannio and special guest Rustic Dragon

Here are the major new information from the stream.

  • Stream started just as the build 1044 download issue was fixed

  • Chests on lots will be lockable “soon” in a patch

    • This will address the issue of anyone being able to look in chests

  • The Avatar Express was mentioned

    • We’re famous! 🙂

  • Pumpkin-Head is back (Seasonal Boss)

    • Can be found in East Vauban Foothills and random encounters

    • Quest can be found in the castle in Central Brittany

    • This year, there are 2 quests involving Pumpkin-Head

  • Nightmares is New (Seasonal Boss)

    • They can appear in wolf or stag versions of the desert, swamp road, or plains road encounters

    • You don’t have to kill all the enemies, just specific ones that are mixed in with the others

    • There are always 2 of them

    • They can teleport you

    • Once killed, there is a chance that a NPC can appear for quests, etc

    • Atos will update their loot to include the head and “nightmare fuel”

  • House on the Hill

    • In Harvest

    • Talk to the children for a chance to get a dare

    • In time, you’ll figure out the puzzle

  • Visit to Hometown

    • The haunted gothic inn has been decorated with many of the spooky themed items

  • Rustic Dragon spoke about the “Through the Moongate – Part II: The story of Richard Garriott, Origin Systems Inc and Ultima – From Wing Commander and Ultima VII to Portalarium” Kickstarter

    • Be sure to check it out

  • Visit to the new Ulfheim

    • Complete redesign

    • Added some more animals and resources

    • Also clustered resources to make gathering a little easier

    • New quest giver

    • 3 wave battles

    • 5 sets of virtue “side activity” that affect the battles

    • With at least 4 people, you can activate a hard mode for the area

    • Once you make it all the way through, the whole scene reset

    • The reset allows you to try different side activities to change up the game play

  • New maze/mine level in Tartarus

    • It’s in the game but not complete

    • Tier 6 ore nodes

    • Atos will add boss fights in the maze and wave battles in the middle

    • Atos will also add an area that will be PvP somewhere in Tartarus

    • May add a “feature” that disables your night vision in the maze

    • In a future patch or release, you will be able to get into the mines though Savrenoc Stronghold

  • Darkstarr reminds us to login starting Tuesday for the October login rewards

  • Raided TaiKee_Vetrae on the way out

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