Release 72 coming this Thursday! (Nov 21)

Lua, Krampus, New Deco and more!

4 years ago

It is that time again! Tomorrow we will see Release 72 go live and it is full of amazing updates!

Krampus Is Back!

With winter creeping back into our lives, Krampus has awoken again and has brought his zombie children with him. Speak with Clara in Northwood and then hunt him down in East Sanctus Forest. (This actually went live last release accidentally, so you may have already come across Krampus!)

Necropolis Barrens

Be careful while traveling in the barrens in the dark, as a new Tier 12 Brown Spider is said to be sometimes lurking, waiting for its next victim…

Free Storage!

Finally, you can keep your No-Trade items in the bank without them taking up a bank slot!

“E” Key Targeting

The “E” key will now target the nearest corpse, even if nothing is targeted, making looting much easier.


Phase 1 of the Lua Integration will be going in this release. This easy to learn scripting language will let you create yourself a UI, new features and more. There is a new place to chat about these things in the forum, so be sure to check it out:

Phase 2 of the Reagent Agriculture Balance

In the first phase, the price of fruits and vegetables on merchants were balanced. Now, farmers should now see double the number of reagents from their harvests.

New Cooking Recipes

Want to eat some unicorns? Of course you do…Unicorns can now be harvested for their meat and you are able to make 3 new recipes with them:

  • Unicorn Medley – Using both dark and light unicorn meat

  • Light Unicorn Stew – Uses Light Unicorn Meat

  • Dark Unicorn Stew – Uses Dark Unicorn Meat

Also added:

  • Grilled Wyvern Chops

  • Fish Sticks

New Deco & Crown Shop Add-Ons

Some great new deco has been added to the crown shop

  • Book-filled bookshelves

  • Garden Gnomes

  • Blackbirds

  • Town Teleporters

  • PUT Animals – Have pets roaming your town!

Sword of Midras Printed Copy Reward Replacements

Those who were supposed to receive the Sword of Midras reward will now be receiving the following as a replacement reward:

Teleporter to Compendium of Pain and Suffering – disguised as a magickal book with the Blade of the Avatar symbol on the cover (This will be given to those who were at the Patron level)

Sword of Midras Magickal Printing Press – allowed you to create 12 book copies withing needing blank books! (This goes to all bakers citizen level and higher)

The Sword of Midras Library – Library-themes dungeon room

R72 Rewards Program

If you are part of the rewards program, you will receive an Autumn Leaf Mask, Autumn Leaf Shield, and Autumn Leaf Trident

The December login reward is a Holly Wreath Hat with sparklers!

This is an exciting release, full of great additions!

Check out the official post from Darkstarr on the forums here:

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