Release 73 Patch Notes {Dec. 12)

On December 12, 2019, Release 73 will go live! A bit earlier than usual, due to the holidays. Here are the notes for the Release 73 Patch:

See the original post HERE with photos and more information

Story and Scenes:

  • Soltown Polish: Polished the main paths connecting where players arrive to major quest points focusing on areas like signs.

  • Tartarus Polish: A general polish pass was made to one of our newest dungeons including the addition of discoveries, more resurrection ankhs, adjustments of creature locations, improved lighting, improved sound effects, additional thematic decorations (including lootable dead bodies), and the removal of some inappropriate quest-related loot.

User Interface:

Player Game Master Tools (Phase 1): We have our first phase of Player Game Master Tools live! Players will need to apply for a VIP flag (message Atos in the official Shroud of the Avatar forums or with Discord to apply). Once approved, they will then get a single no-trade potion per event they wish to run that lasts 4 hours. Note, all commands are logged to an internal channel monitored by our developers. The GM potion temporarily grants the following powers from the player console:

  • gmghost: Become invisible!

  • slew: “Free camera” mode similar to what dungeon owners and POT owners currently have, but with the bonus of teleporting to the location of your camera upon exiting the mode.

  • teleport to player: Quickly move to another player’s location.

  • summon player: Instantly move another player to your location.

  • set weather over ride: Set the weather for all players in the scene to a new value. Options are:

  • Clear

  • LightClouds

  • HeavyClouds

  • LightPrecipitation

  • HeavyPrecipitation

  • Storm

  • Foggy

  • Custom1

  • Custom2

  • summon monster: Summon a monster from a preset list (NOTE: there is no loot nor experience points gained from killing these monsters to prevent exploits). To use simply type /summonmonster # monsterName where # is the number you wish to summon. For example, “/summonmonster 3 bear1” will summon 3 of the lowest tier bears. Currently available summons include the following and will expand over time:

  • Spider1-5

  • KoboldArcher1-5

  • KoboldMage1-5

  • KoboldWarrior1-5

  • Dragon1-5

  • Bear1-5

  • Llama1

  • timescale: Changes the time scale in the entire scene. Legal values are 0.25 – 4

  • resurrect: This give player GMs the ability to resurrect players in their scene. The valid options are:

  • me – resurrects the player GM

  • selected – resurrects the player the GM has targeted

  • all – resurrects all players and creatures in the scene

Lua Integration (Phase 1.1): Phase 1.1 of Lua Integration includes a further iteration of our integration of this full-featured but simple-to-use scripting language that can be used to create new features, simple UI, or other client-side add-ons with just a few lines of code. Players have been incredibly busy creating all sorts of amazing data queries already since we released Phase 1 of our Lua integration in Release 72. Join the Lua Discussions forum to find out what everyone is making! Also, those on Discord can join the Lua-scripting-api channel for real time chat and information! Look for more features to be exposed.

Crafting and Economy:

Garden Gnome Recipe: Craft a delightful garden decoration! This recipe can be purchased from Brittany Decoration Merchants. NOTE: This was actually patched into Release 72.

Player Towns and Player Housing:

  • Krampus Statue (January Login Reward): Just login during the month of January to receive this free reward!

  • Snow Pavers: Put pavers down that make it look like it has just snowed, just in time for the Winter Holidays! You can find these pavers in the Crown Shop. NOTE: This was actually patched into Release 72.

New/Updated Player-Owned Towns:

  • Bard’s Rest: Added new Village (nested in Brittany Fort).

  • S Mart Factorium: Moved to north of Solace Bridge.


Load Times: Release 73 brings several improvements in load times. The average load time per level should be between 2 and 5 seconds faster depending on the speed of the computer. This optimization will show the biggest improvement with the slower computers. This optimization did come with a cost of roughly 5.9GB extra disk space for the initial installation. This will also cause a single large patch but going forward, patch sizes and speeds should actually be smaller and faster than before.

Release 73 Rewards Program Items: To receive these exclusive rewards, all you need to do is join the Rewards Program during Release 73 and login to the game during Release 73.

  • Candy Cane Wand

  • Ceiling Yule Tree

  • Desktop Elf Statue with Yule Hat