Requesting Items for your Player-Run Events

Ravalox posted:

Recently Winston announced that he was ceasing to continue the monthly contests he was driving. These contests had always been intended to be driven by the community. The additions and complexities that were introduced into the contest structure kept him busy most of the time. As he is now going to be AFK for an extended time, and with no other Devs able to take on the responsibility with Winston away and unable to consistently maintain them he decided to cease operations.

We are working on implementing some tools to better allow the players to drive contests, they will be ready during Q4 of this year. As we are focusing on getting the project onto the Unity 2021 engine, we will not be able to start work on these tools until then. We are aiming to improve the Lua functionality as it pertains to the contests, and look at what may need to be adjusted in the current API output. More details on these efforts will be forthcoming after our Unity 2021 efforts have been completed.

In addition, please note that Dev driven contests and events will occur, just not in the footprint that Winston had been running. Dev driven contests can occur during Dev events and Large player events may be sponsored by the Dev team as well in some cases (when coordinated with the team through support – more on this soon as we solidify the processes and requirements)

Players can run events and obtain trophies for advertised events by sending a request to support after following the steps below:

To request trophy items, please submit a request to, and we’ll do our best to get your items to you within 1 week after our response.

Here are the requirements for player driven contests:

  • Before you place your request for event/contest trophies, an event related to the request must be posted in the One-Time or Recurring Events Forums.
  • Please place your posting and request to support at least 7 days before the event.
  • All item renames are limited to 30 characters, which you can test by renaming a container.
  • The event must be completely open to the entire community.

Here are the items you may request, but please be mindful of all request criteria listed above and within the item type below – Check this thread for the items you can request