Reward for Information on Bard’s Rest Resident (In-Game Event)

Reward for Information on Bard’s Rest Resident

Where is vulcanbabe??

Posted by vulcanjedi:

Greetings Avatars.

I am away on business in Owl’s Head and was informed there was some disturbance at the Bard’s Rest Gift Shop, my row location.

Seems my shopkeeper Vulcanbabe is missing and one of my customers seems to be hiding in the store.

My Imps have informed me that they are watching all the town exits and teleporters and she hasn’t been seen leaving so she must be somewhere within Bard’s Rest.

I have to remain here a few days so I am prepared to offer a reward of an Obsidian Potion and a yoga emote and a slice of cake if you can find Vulcanbabe as I can’t run the gift shop without her.

I do have a scroll I can use to return her to the shop. Unfortunately it is bound to a magic code that changes so when you find her she will have it. Report back to me with the code here and if I am able to get her I will confirm your reward.

I did get a picture yesterday of vulcanbabe and my best customer Wilma. I can’t see her but I can hear her on my security cam.

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So, where is she?

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