Shalbith the Faun

2 years ago

Shalbith the Faun.pngShalbith the Faun.png

I’m not one who is normally given to displays of emotion, but I must confess to shedding a tear after my recent encounter with Shalbith the faun.

I was exploring the Graff gem mines when I found a level that appeared to be occupied by several kobolds, a satyr and a couple of earth elementals. Normally I would have quietly backed away, however I could recognize the unmistakable signs of silver deposits and decided to risk it.

I managed to lure the occupants towards me in small groups of two or three, and with some effort dispatched them. After wiping and sheathing my sword I was startled to see movement from the corner of my eye. It was a faun, whom I had not previously noticed. About half my height, and of somewhat delicate stature, it appeared to be terrified and kept its distance.

As we all know, fauns are a harmless slave race controlled by the satyrs. I tried to talk to the creature, but receiving no response I started mining the silver deposits that I could see scattered in various places. After a while I had completely mined the area and packed up to leave. I must admit that by this time I had forgotten about the faun and, concerned with the possibility of dangerous creatures inhabiting the lower levels, I conjured my pet earth elemental.

Unfortunately, as I was leaving the area to explore further below, my earth elemental took it upon itself to charge and attack the faun, killing it before I could intervene. After dismissing my pet I examined the body and found a small book with the title “Shalbith’s Diary”. I won’t betray the most private thoughts that he had committed to paper, but I was deeply moved at his constant struggle with his predicament and the enforced separation from his family. I swore then to give him in death the peace and freedom that he had never enjoyed in life.

With some difficulty I managed to carry his body out of the mines and buried him on a grassy hill overlooking North Paladis.

Rest in peace, Shalbith.

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