Shroud of the Avatar International Convention Live Stream

Starr and Chris presented to a live audience and over 200 twitch viewer

Stream started with a bit …[buffer]… of …[buffer]… technical …[buffer buffer buffer]… difficulties. 🙂

Since there was no prizes, double prized next Friday!

Questions (paraphrased):

  • Can we get a channeling spell in the life tree so the healer can give up some focus to keep the tank up?

    • Chris said that would be cool and that the life tree does need some additions

  • Can forked weapons be fixed?

    • Chris said yes. Thinks he knows what the cause is.

  • When will the unicorns, nightmares, etc be tamable?

    • Chris yes. by the end of the year. hopefully..

  • Baby dragons do the same stuff but are different colors which isn’t like the adults ones, when fix?

    • Chris said that it is on the short list

  • When will we the projectors Chris worked on while on stream months ago?

    • Chris said “soon”

  • Oyster beds for farming black pearls?

    • Starr said yes. should be along the water.

  • When do we get cannibalism?

    • Starr wants to know what LBs obsession is with cannibalism 🙂

    • Seriously, may make it difficult to sell in some country

    • Chris said “there’s a chance we will put it in some year”

  • Will more work be done for player dungeons like more monster options per room?

    • Chris said yes

  • Can traps in dungeons be invisible in adventure mode?

    • Chris seemed to think they were already that way. will fix.

  • Can dungeons rooms be flagged for PvP?

    • Chris said it’s already possible from a tech perspective

    • Might be possible for part of a room

    • Just need to figure out how to allow us to use it without it being exploitable

General Notes:

QA next week (earlier than normal)

  • QA next week (earlier than normal)

  • Deco pallet should be in the next QA

  • More bundles of stuff in crown store

  • Looking into pre-decoed houses as bundles in the crown store

  • Grow-ables will be removed or price higher on NPC vendors (yeah farmers)

  • Teleport books (like rune stones)

  • Looking into giving trusted players some dec commands so they can run some RP, PVP, etc type events on their own

  • Looking into player vendor items for Crown or gold

  • Looking into the limited quantity for NPC purchases

  • Mannequins in other materials

  • Cat, etc spawners

  • Will improve QA testing rewards

  • Snow pavers

  • Alpine POT owners will be happy about snow covered trees