Sign Sitting

2 years ago

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Sign sitting is the practice of sitting on top of a sign for extended lengths of time, generally used as a test of endurance. Initiated by the itinerant bard, “Hard Ass” McCracken, sign sitting was a popular activity in the pre-Obsidian era but has since mostly died out. It is now only practiced as a form of mental conditioning by those engaged in advanced forms of martial arts.

Avatars wishing to see this strange activity should travel to Kingsport where Brian Bottomly, one of the few remaining sign sitters, can occasionally be found contemplating the ocean from his unusual vantage point.
We asked Brian why he engaged in this activity, and in response he read us this short poem:

To find out why I’m sitting here
you first must offer me a beer,
for plainly anyone can see
that naught in life is ever free.

If you cannot manage that
and still desire to have a chat
then worry not – no need to plead,
I’ll also do it for some mead.

Naturally as a writer, I responded in kind:

A shallow ploy, this signage squat.
Give you beer? No, I think not.
I think I know why you here sit –
it is because you are a twit.

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