SOTA and the Steamdeck

2 years ago

Did you get a hold of a Steamdeck? Have you tried running Shroud of the Avatar on it?

A few people have and have started a feedback thread on the forums to discuss it!

Kaffien started a post saying:

The game works great up until it doesn’t.

Using the Linux runtime called snipe it crashes after a few mins of playing hardlocked.

If you use proton 7.03 it crashes to desktop in the same time on lowest setting or high settings. Not sure how to help troubleshoot this but man having a portable SOTA for 3 minutes even was amazing.

Tell me how to help troubleshoot this and I will. I’d love a portable SOTA even at lowest settings. I can’t wait to try it again after the move to new unity version.

If anyone else has had better luck let me know.

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