SotaCon is now Festival of the Avatar!!! – Festival Heraldry Contest!

4 years ago

From the original post:

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

The Festival of the Avatar shall be an event beyond any experienced this side of a moongate! Imagine a reality where Avatars from all different worlds and shards come together under a single banner to feast, fight, quest, learn, and enjoy general hobnobbery.

More information will be published soon about the Festival with dates and an itinerary of events. In the meantime while we prepare the official website for our grand reveal, we need your help with designing the official Festival of the Avatar Heraldry!  

We are sponsoring a contest to create the Heraldry that the Festival will use on it’s official releases and website. Submissions should be 300 DPI, have a print size of 18”x18” and be received by Feburary 11, 2020.

Please send all entries to:

Please do not use copyrighted images or material in your submission, it must be an original creation.

The winner will receive an in game (SotA) full set of specially crafted (light or heavy) armor, a cask of their choice and a banner, all with the Festival Heraldry imbued upon it. In addition, a signed* official banner used during the Festival (real world item – delivered after the Festival’s completion).

The winning entry will be used, whole or in part, for the Festival of the Avatar. The entrants understand that they are releasing submitted artwork and usage rights to the Festival of the Avatar. Author of the winning entry will get credit as the original artwork designer.


* Physical Banner will be signed by Lord British, Darkstarr, and Atos … With possible bonus mystery signatures.

Be sure to go “watch” the original thread for updates and ad to the thread there. If you’re an artist, but sure to make an entry for the contest as well.

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