SOTAICON – Combat – PVE and PVP Oct 12 2019

otes from the Shroud of the Avatar International Convention 2019 panel on Combat – PVE and PVP

4 years ago

Notes from the Shroud of the Avatar International Convention 2019 panel on PVP and PVE combat

General Comments

  • Chris looks at skill use metrics to figure out what skills might have issues

  • Planning to add 1-2 skills per tree for episode 2

  • More leaders boards are on the way

  • To get better PVP, we need to get more people to PVP

  • To get more people to PVP, we need to find more/better rewards for it

2020 Highlights

  • New Quest and Task System

  • Item History and Item Leveling

  • Pet Leveling/Skills/Customization

  • In-game Achievement System with Titles

  • New Skills

  • More Top Tier Tameables

Questions (paraphrased)

  • Will we get hidden doors, etc in the player dungeons?

    • Yes, that is in the plan

  • Will we get more combos?

    • Yes

  • Will the player dungeons deco not working on all walls be fixed?

    • Yes

    • But it’s going to take time

  • Can we get doors to rooms in player dungeons?

    • Maybe

    • Needs some more tech

  • When will glyphs stay locked to the bar?

    • What???? That’s still not fixed?

  • Will the AI for creatures be modified require the players approach fighting them differently depending on levels?

    • There have been many improvements and additions already

    • Need to go back and update the older creature

  • Will there be support for multiple monitors?

    • Maybe

    • Lots of technical issues to overcome to get it working well enough

  • Will there be a repository (GitHub) for the community developers?

    • Probably not

    • But, the community is free to set one up

  • Can we get some large experience buff on QA so we can test more?

    • It’s tough because it needs to be as much lot production as possible

    • Chris will look at increasing the QA login bonuses

  • When will we get full loot PVP?

    • How about we split the server and you go live on the other server???? 🙂

    • Seriously though, there’s too much risk of it causing people to quit

  • When will guild wars/faction actually be real and fun?

    • It’s in the plan

    • But, not soon

  • Will we see some PVP gear?

    • It’s planned

Check out the details in the video provided by NBNN


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