SOTAICON – Crafting, Services, and the Economy Oct 11 2019

Notes from the SOTAICON – Crafting, Services, and the Economy Panel 10-11-2019

4 years ago

Notes from the Shroud of the Avatar International Convention 2019 panel on crafting, services, and the economy.

2020 Crafting Highlight

  • Additional trophy data

    • same sort of data for fishing trophies will be added to other items like dragon heads, etc

  • Player vendor UI polish

    • May be possible to use Lua for some vendor data

      • read/write vendor inventory to Google Sheets

  • Episode 2:

    • Item history and leveling

    • Pet leveling/skills/customization

    • Player chest settings

    • Treasure Map System

    • In-game achievement system with titles

Questions (paraphrased)

  • Will teleport to zone scrolls be replaced by the new dungeon teleporters?

    • No. The dungeon teleporters will only be for popular location and you still need a way to get to other zones.

  • Can vegetables/growables could be removed from NPC vendors or the price increased?

    • Yes

  • When will gold/silver scrap really make it in?

    • As soon as they can make sure it won’t be exploitable

  • When will things like the aortic thrombus, emerald ash borer, get a use?

    • First need to find a way that the crafted item that requires them has the higher value to make it worthwhile to use them

  • When will the pain removed for buying high volume of fuels, etc from NPC vendors?

    • Originally, they purchase limits where put in so supply would eventually run out and for the price to increase with it

    • It’s been difficult to balance. But, improvements are in the plan

  • Will there be additional uses for the essences, etc?

    • Yes

    • Perhaps creature specific poisons, etc

  • Can we apply patterns to artifacts?

    • No, for technical reasons

    • Crafting and artifacts are very different systems on the backend

    • It might be possible in the future to find a way to combine the systems

  • Can we get the name of the heraldry on mouse over?

    • Maybe

    • The data’s not there right now. But, it may be possible to add it

  • What can we do to reduce the time/effort with for watering plants?

    • Were surprised so many people would get into farming and especially as with such large grow operations

    • It is very difficult to balance because it combines the economy and skill systems in a unique way

  • Why doesn’t rain water my plants?

    • Mostly technical reasons.

    • Weather is mostly client side so the servers doesn’t have to deal with tracking all the information

    • The rain would need to be rare to balance to economy as well

  • When over encumbered, why can we buy from NPCs or take something out of a box but players can’t trade even zero weight items?

    • This is partially to protect against “mule” and bot exploits

    • There is no special cases for zero weight items

    • Might be worth reviewing again

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