SOTAICON – Player Housing, Player Towns, Player Dungeons Oct 11 2019

Notes from the Shroud of the Avatar International Convention 2019 panel on Player Housing, Player Towns, Player Dungeons.

General Comments

  • Premium greenhouses will be updated to fit at least as many plants as the craftable ones

  • There is a possibility for “outdoor” player made dungeons

Q4 Highlights

  • Player made NPC dialog

  • Additional remote dungeon entrances

  • Episode 2 Main contient

2020 Highlights

  • New POTs

  • Player Chest Setting

  • Lot Rating System

  • More decor feature

  • More convenience

  • Pirate Airships

  • Additional keep and castle sized homes

  • More player dungeon rooms

  • Lava POT template

  • Maybe some new homes that can be paintable

Questions (paraphrased)

  • Can we upgrade lot deeds without having to unclaim the lot?

    • Probably yes

    • Have to be really careful on the backend to make sure nothing gets lost

  • Can we get the ability to place town NPCs (bartenders, etc) on player lots?

    • Yes

  • Will we be able to control emotes for the player NPC dialog system?

    • Yes, we should be able to at some stage

  • Can we get snow pavers?

    • Yes and dirt path pavers

  • Can we some improvements on deco collision to make items easier to place?

    • Yes

  • What about having deco item design competition at schools, etc so students can do some of the design?

    • They have to make sure quality is high enough not to cause more work for the team

    • They did crowd sourced items before and it was not much time savings

    • If it can be done in a way that reduces the overall time for the team, yes

  • What happened to the crowd sourced dungeons?

    • Some made it in

    • They will go back and finish cleaning up the others ones to be added later

  • Can we get 3D printable models of our houses?

    • It would take a significant amount of work

    • But there may be some models where it would be easier to try

    • There are also intellectual property concerns with distributing such things

Go see the video posted by NBNN for the details